You’re invited! So are your neighbours!

What is Neighbour Day?

On Neighbour Day, we meet and greet the people with whom we share our neighbourhood, fences, and walls.

Neighbour Day is an invitation to:

  • do whatever you choose to meet your neighbours
  • be creative and bring neighbours together to deepen connections and strengthen neighbourhoods  
  • wave, lend a helping hand, or host a neighbourhood event – anything goes, as long as it involves you and the people in your building or on your street.

When is Neighbour Day?

Neighbour Day should be celebrated any day!

This year, in Greater Victoria, Neighbour Day will be celebrated on Sunday, May 6, 2018.

Where is Neighbour Day?


As we did last year, a request has been made to all the Mayors within the CRD to proclaim May 6th, 2018 as Neighbour Day, but anyone can celebrate it anywhere or anytime. Connect with your neighbours at a front door, on a sidewalk, in a neighbourhood park, or in a yard or common room – whatever suits you and your neighbours best. Be creative and think of new ways to bring people together.

Why Neighbour Day?

When neighbours know each other…

  • people are more engaged in their neighbourhoods
  • people share a sense of belonging
  • our children, seniors, and most vulnerable citizens are watched over and cared for
  • neighbourhoods are safer
  • people help each other and share resources
  • neighbourhoods thrive

Who is behind Neighbour Day?

British Columbia’s Neighbour Day is a Community Action Project of Leadership Victoria Society & The Cridge Centre for the Family implemented by Team Jedi Magic of Leadership Victoria’s 2016-2017 Community Leadership Development Program.