May 6, 2018 is Neighbour Day!

Connection is the glue of every neighbourhood and on May 6th, it’s a perfect day to get out and meet your neighbours.

Neighbour Day takes place the first Sunday in May. It’s an opportunity for everyone on your street to connect, or for one or two to get to know someone new. Neighbour Day not only brings people together on a specific day but the ripple effects of connecting neighbours lasts all year long.

Statistics show that neighbourhoods are safer when the residents are aware of who should be there. Knowing who lives in what house (e.g. seniors, young family, or a person with a disability), can help to keep one another safe. For example, when you know the person next door, or across the street and you realize they haven’t been seen for a few days, checking in on them could be a lifesaver. Also, if they fall or become suddenly ill, having someone close by to call for help makes a difference.

Creating a welcoming space and having fun in a neighbourhood is essential to producing a thriving community. Relationships are crucial to our emotional and physical well-being, so making these connections close to home is a win-win!

Neighbour Day is meant to be fun – not overwhelming. Check out our suggestions for Themes and Activities in the toolkit. It’s all about getting out and meeting people. Plan a coffee party or a meet and greet on the street, a family fun day at a nearby park, or get a permit to close down your street and really rock the block with a BBQ and other activities. Anything goes ~ just have fun!